Friday, January 7, 2011

prty stuff
  1. yup…. blogging is like tlking to yourself cuz nobody reads
  2. sparkling grape juice cheers…YAY
  3. bobbing for apples…not really
  5. explosives…jk…but i wish
  6. ice skating on my imaginary frozen pool
  7. eating
  8. food
  9. fluids to clean our mouths after we eat
  10. more food
  11. smiley  :)
  12. hmm i read this and i sound like a funny person…lol…i guess i hav my moments.
  13. hmmm… i wish i had minions..
  14. okay back to party stuff
  15. not really because i like not being serious
  16. im going to look online for party ideas
  17. pedacures…lol
  18. pediatritions…wait its not spelled like tht…pedros…wait no…medicare….danget no thts not it…never mind
  19. loud music/dancing
  20. pin the tail on the
  21. darts
  22. kings(a disgusting game that makes you drink yucky stuff)
  23. treasure hunt
  24. string treasure hunt
  25. scavenger hunt
  26. back to back
  27. prank calling random japaneses people
  28. charades
  29. pranks
  30. throwing pennies toward a wall game thing

  31. Bingo
  32. i skipped #31
  33. Cinnamon challenge
  34. eating krackers
  35. #36
  36. uchuer
  37. poker, with real chips
  38. blackjack
  39. other card games
  40. beer water pong
  41. destroying zombie terroristsimage
  42. okay im pretty
  43. sure we have enough party ideas

Thursday, January 6, 2011

well i have nuthing to tlk about so il just tell u my friend elijah's blog name..........Triple E Battery: ......he usually has a lot to tlk about.